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Want to be more than a number to your admissions consultant and make the school of your choice take notice of your application?  Here's why our advantages are your advantages for admissions success:

Relevant Experience

Many admissions consultants tout their inside knowledge of business schools’ admissions offices.  ApplicationAdvantage founder Walter Hutchinson worked at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, and also has worked and advised clients at the kinds of companies where MBA applicants want to work when they graduate – whether that means globally-recognized financial services companies, investment banks, professional services firms, accounting groups, manufacturers, marketing firms, or governmental agencies or NGO’s.  Few admissions consultants can claim anything comparable.

Personal Service

You’ll work directly with founder Walter Hutchinson on a strategy for admissions success, as you define it.  You’ll be treated as an individual at every stage in the admissions process and beyond.  In fact, many of our clients stay in touch for ongoing career advice after entering business school, and refer the next group of business school applicants. 

Deeper Strategy

To give you the best possible chance of admission, your application will need to demonstrate the ability to succeed both in your school of choice and after graduation.  This is an important component of the admissions decision that many consultants overlook.  We’ll also make sure you really are applying to the right schools for your long-term goals, because business school isn’t just about getting in, it’s about what happens after you graduate.  We’ve also helped our clients win numerous scholarships and fellowships, which could mean you’ll also spend less time paying for that top school once you’re in.

International Reach

In addition to his native English, Walter Hutchinson speaks Japanese and Spanish, and has lived, worked and completed education in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  In today’s global economy, more students are coming to the United States from all over the world, and U.S. expats are working seamlessly across the oceans.  Wherever you come from, and wherever you want to work or complete your MBA, we can help you get there.

True Success

We’ll match our success rate against any other admissions consultancy.  Over 20 years, we’ve helped nearly every single client get into one or more of their top-choice schools, sometimes schools they never thought they had a chance at, given their grades and GMAT scores.   When you see a success rate on another consultant’s website that’s boiled down to a number, ask yourself what it means – are they counting all schools applied to by every single client?  Are they helping their clients get into reach schools, or playing it safe?  Explore our site – you’ll see numerous testimonials from satisfied clients who would be happy to talk about how we helped them and how we can help you succeed.  We understand the numbers, but also that you aren’t a number.


We were one of the first admissions consulting firms, and we keep innovating so that you have the best chance to get into the business school of your dreams.  For example, MBA Dashboard, an interactive admissions consulting tool, is currently under development based on Walter Hutchinson’s knowledge and experience.  This first-of-its-kind tool will be made available exclusively to ApplicationAdvantage clients when it launches.