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ApplicationAdvantage is a boutique MBA admissions consulting firm, with an unparalleled 20-year track record of delivering success through personal service and strategies.  

Valuing Success and Service

Founded by Walter Hutchinson, formerly of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business, ApplicationAdvantage was one of the first companies to provide professional admissions consulting.  By strictly limiting the number of candidates we work with each admissions season, we stay true to the values that get our clients into their top-choice business schools, year after year.

Changing the "Game"

MBA applications can seem like a numbers game – first, your grades and GMAT scores, then what you seem to be up against: a 15-20% overall acceptance rate at the world’s top business schools.  With hundreds of clients at a time, the big admissions consultancies can make you feel like even more of a number.  Other consultants tout their success rates and percentages – more numbers – without telling you what it all means.

The Numbers that Really Count

Our numbers: 20 years helping our clients get into top MBA programs – success delivered through personal service and admissions strategies that go well beyond what you’ll get with the typical consultancy.  Each year we work with a limited number of clients, helping them gain admission to the world’s top business schools, and often helping them win scholarships and fellowships to help with the expenses.  We help blue-chip candidates cement their top choice and get applicants with lower grades and GMAT scores into programs they never thought possible.