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We work with a limited number of clients, to ensure that you will get our utmost attention and support, and the best chance possible of getting into the right business school for you.

Personal Attention

Walter Hutchinson works closely with each and every client to ensure the best possible strategy for admissions success.  There is no bait and switch where incoming clients are shunted to less experienced consultants to handle the crucial strategic aspects of the application.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is free.  If we decide to work together, an extensive interview will determine how you can best take advantage of our services and our personal branding experience will help you take stock of how to engage the admissions committees at different schools.  We will work with you on every element of the admissions process or just one element that’s giving you trouble.  We’ll make sure it all fits together with your long-term goals and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Customized to Address Your Challenges

We always take into account where you are in the admissions process.  Although it’s helpful if you leave a lot of time to prepare your applications and start and finish the entire process with us, each year we work successfully with clients who come to us for emergency help, have unusual challenges, or are confident overall but just want help with specific application elements or schools.

Get started with your initial free consultation.

Walter knows the inner workings of the admission process... With his help, I turned in application that was well-prepared and ultimately got accepted into the school of my choice - with a fellowship. - N.T., Admitted to Columbia, SAIS