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If you need help with just one or two pieces of your application, or advice on a special situation, choose hourly consulting or one of our special service packages.

If you work with us on an hourly basis first, and then later decide on a school package that would have included the hourly consulting or service package, we’ll apply up to five hours or the applicable service package towards the per-school package fee.

Hourly Pricing
Number of Hours Cost
One Hour $250
Two Hours $475
Five Hours $1,097 (Save 10%)
Ten Hours $1,970 (Save 20%*)

* Clients who purchase a school package and request additional hourly consulting not covered in those school packages will receive the discounted 10-hour package rate, even if only paying for one hour at a time (i.e., $197 per hour).


Need help in a hurry?  Consultation is available on a rush basis (by next business day) at $350/hr., subject to availability. If you select a school package afterwards, we’ll apply the fees (up to our five-hour regular, non-rush rate) towards that school package.

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