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Maybe you just want our help with one part of your application.  Start out by working with us on one of these items, at a flat rate.

All of these are included in our per-school package, so if you decide to select a school package afterwards, we’ll apply the fees towards the applicable school package.

Component Pricing
Component Cost
Essays $675*
Resumes $750
Recommendation Letters $875
International Scholarships, Fellowships, and Other Awards Call for Fees
Interview Preparation $675
Decision Simulation for Your Application $750

The equalizer. No matter your origin, experience or background, that's the level of impact an exceptional group of essays can have on your entire candidacy, regardless of the strength of the rest of your profile. Essays are your best opportunity to have a conversation about your global outlook, personality, culture, professional goals, nationality and passions with admissions committees, and to hold their undivided attention while doing so.  A great essay allows applicants to stand out even against the strongest competitors.

* Especially lengthy essays may incur an additional charge.

Thank you very much for your work. I appreciated all you have done. My essays, as you said, have been "dramatically" changed. Above all, extracurricular stories became more attractive than old versions. Now my both private and business aspects were properly showcased. - Admitted to Harvard Business School


Three seconds. That's our standard for the speed a resume needs to make an initial impact, because it may be one of the first documents an admissions committee sees. Moreover, depending on the school, your resume may be the only document handed to an admissions interviewer.  A great resume will help admissions committees gain insight into how you see yourself and how you represent your brand to the world at large.

After reading your revision of my resume, I am going to apply to more competitive schools. This resume makes my qualifications look more attractive, just like you said. I am very grateful that I found your service on the internet. - K.Y., Admitted to London Business School

Recommendation Letters

Recommendations do not, by themselves, swing an admissions decision, but they can influence it heavily depending on the profile of the applicant.  We will work with you one-on-one to brainstorm, develop and benchmark your strategy, examining whether potential recommenders are best-positioned to add credibility.  We will help develop a strategy and provide input that will allow your recommenders to help you enhance your personal brand.

My recommender told me that your revision to his letter actually made it easier to explain what he originally meant to write. He asked me to say thank you for him. - Admitted to Stern School of Business, New York University

International Scholarships, Fellowships, and Other Awards

We’ve helped our clients win Fulbrights, navigate the Rhodes Scholarship process, and can help you with Marshall Scholarship applications, government awards and a myriad of others. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your resume and capture available funds by applying for scholarships and fellowships.  Whether as part of an application, or as a pre-application strategy, we can help with these tremendous opportunities.

I did some work on Wall Street and with a couple clients from Silicon Valley for several years, but figured my application did not have much of a chance. Boy did Walter help me turn that around! Not only did I get in, but also I received enough scholarship money to cover between 90% and 100% of all my business school costs. - R.L. Admitted to 2 Ivy League business schools, American Applicant

Interview Preparation

The interview can tip the scales in favor of an application. Likewise, a weak showing can abruptly halt momentum. By the time you are invited to interview at schools, you are in a tight competition where no mistake at all will be forgiven.  This package includes a mock interview under fully-simulated conditions, to help you prepare early, and come out ahead.

HEC just responded to me. I was so surprised because I had my interview only a week ago. There is no question that your interview prep course and essay course allowed me to get this result. I don't have the words to thank you properly. - R.S., Admitted to HEC, France

Decision Simulation for Your Application

When you have your application together, ensure that you haven’t made an avoidable mistake.  Decision simulation provides you with a mock committee perspective and final analysis of your complete profile and application before you submit to a school.  This is your last line of defense against a major strategic error.