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Our packages are designed to meet the most common requirements, as well as your unique individual needs.

Return on Investment

Thinking about ROI?  ApplicationAdvantage fees are a small percentage of the average annual graduating salaries at top graduate schools, and add a fraction to the cost of attending those same programs. With competitive hourly rates as low as $197, complete school packages and other specialized custom-pricing options available, ApplicationAdvantage services are a sensible investment in your future. 

I pushed Walter for a firm estimate of my chances when we started working together and constantly questioned his advice... Almost no one from my country has an easy time getting into top business schools, so when he told me I had a great shot, I was naturally skeptical. Now I am a believer. - A.T., Admitted to Harvard

Full School Packages

Full school packages are our most comprehensive, valuable and popular service, and usually the most cost-effective.  We will work closely with you to present a complete picture of your candidacy, showing the admissions committee at each school why you will succeed there, and just as importantly, why you are the right fit for their program.

Hourly Pricing

While we offer packages for your convenience, we are always flexible, and will work to put together the set of services that best meets your needs. If you need help with just one or two pieces of your application, or advice on a special situation, choose hourly consulting or one of our special component packages.

Component Packages

Maybe you just want our help with one part of your application.  Start out by working with us on one of these items, at a flat rate. All of these are included in our per-school package, so if you decide to select a school package afterwards, we’ll apply the fees towards the applicable school package.